Seal it Tight! Seal it Easy! Seal it Fast!  
>> Seal it Tight! Seal it Easy! Seal it Fast!

Are you tired of using risers that are too tall or too short for the job you are completing?
Plastic riser pipe will give an exact height each time. Try our system and you will never have to carry concrete pipe and lids again. Save time by not having to assemble multiple sections.

INTRODUCING:  The Seal-RTM Ring and the Seal-RTM Lid

The ideal way to reduce your installation labor expense.  It saves time and labor on later access needs, too!

The Seal-R TM Ring is a lightweight, polyurethane sealing ring for septic tanks.  Installation of the Seal-R TM Ring creates a water-tight seal between the tank top and riser maintenance pipe.  The ring and riser pipe can be installed in minutes using a polyurethane foam sealant.  The ring forms an ideal barrier to groundwater thus preventing leaks into the septic tank.  Using corrugated plastic dual-wall maintenance pipe which allows you to select the correct height of riser without using precut sections that may or may not fit your situation.

The Seal-R TM Lid  is the ideal cover for plastic dual-wall riser pipe.  It is GREEN in color, sturdy, lightweight, and installs quickly using 4" stainless steel lag screws (included w/cover) in pre-formed holes.  The Seal-R TM Lid has a gasket to prevent groundwater entry.  A Seal-R TM Lid will allow rapid access for servicing at a later date without back-breaking lifting.
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